We start at the absolute beginning, bringing ideas to life that benefit our customers and theirs.


As pioneers in device design and functionality, 14TH ROUND develops some of the safest and smartest ways to use cannabis. Our broad knowledge of extraction methods allows us to tune our devices specifically for even the most nuanced formulations.

The way a device looks and feels in the hand can’t be overestimated, after all, great design attracts the eye and fires up the imagination. But it’s just the gateway to a delivery system that needs to be efficient, intuitive and graceful.

During the design and engineering process, we take into consideration a brand’s end-to-end operations—from the way a device is received for filling to its final packaged form, our experience in manufacturing within the cannabis industry delivers hardware and packaging designed to streamline operations.

Our skilled teams ensure that the outside appearance of every device is supported by flawless functionality within.


We manage and control on-the-ground operations at the manufacturing facilities that produce our devices, which plays a key role in the smooth transition from design to finished product. It also empowers us to expedite R&D, facilitate rapid prototyping and guarantee quick turns on custom pre-production products. We’re able to move from concepts to design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) to full-scale production without the lag time that is often associated with brokers or co-manufacturers. Bottom line, we are more adaptive and responsive, with greater control over quality, safety and customization.

In the world of vaporization devices, there has never been the kind of governing standards that such a vast international industry merits. Since the day we entered the marketplace, we have chosen to self-regulate to the highest standard, always prioritizing the quality and safety of our products.

14TH ROUND builds to the same standards followed by the medical and food industries, using only food and medical-grade stainless steel, food-grade finishes and non-leaching plastics. We maintain strict incoming and outgoing quantity management systems throughout the entire manufacturing process. Our managed facilities all carry cGMP, ISO 9001and FSSC 22000 Food Grade Material certifications.

We are at the forefront of heavy metal and lead-free devices, with single-piece construction stainless steel vent tubes, clean ceramic wicks and coil-technology free from heavy metals and residual adhesives.

Our obsession with quality and safety ranges from our exclusive use of UL-rated batteries to the design and manufacturing of fully UL 8139-compliant vaporization devices. It all adds up to products that are unmatched, inside and out.


We’re storytellers adept at making cannabis compelling. Perhaps our greatest strength is the ability to see the entire narrative in context, to mastermind the arc from inspiration to fruition. This is the essence of building powerful, differentiated brands. Beyond enginnering and manufacturing, we excel at positioning devices within the competitive and regulated cannabis landscape and support them with award-winning branding, packaging, retail displays and smart marketing initiatives.

We work with the newest of brand ideas from spark to ready-for-retail and established brands looking to bring their offering to the next level. Our broad experience within cannabis industry can serve your company on many levels. Trust in our team to provide you with the tools to propel your brand further.